What We Do

We at Tiny Tekkers firmly believe in developing the new generation of sports people by giving everybody the chance to have a positive relationship with sports and an active lifestyle.

With the heightened importance that sport and physical activity has on a child's development at the forefront of the companies visions, we have created fun based programmes to aid in the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Our goal is to provide high quality sports coaching to as many children in Sussex as possible.

We provide a variety of classes and clubs for all children to be able to have access to elite coaching enabling them to positively participate in a range of sports. These sessions are all easily accessible and we do not discriminate on ability or experience level.


For our youngest age groups, physical development is crucial for the ability to explore and interact with the world around them. We use disguised learning techniques based around fun games to ensure your children leave every week with a smile on their face. Your child's growth will be accelerated through our weekly sessions which will improve their overall well being and give them a head start in school.

We as a company provide sports coaching to a wide variety of audiences across Sussex. Our classes cater for children of all ages with the youngest sessions available to children aged 18 months.