Football Development



  • When? - Wednesday (Term Time Only)  17:30-18:30
  • Where? - Oathall Community College 3g Pitch
  • Who? - Open to boys/girls aged between 6-12


This hour session is for local budding footballers to gain knowledge from top class coaching. The fun and progressive programme will allow each individual to develop technically and tactically. Using varied coaching methods and a combination of group drills, individual focuses and unit work will allow our children to express themselves and become better players.


 Sessions will focus on improving core skills, developing these into competent techniques and learning how to execute these effectively in match play scenarios. In house games will give children the opportunity to showcase themselves and we will be looking to move children onto the next level.

Between the ages of 5 and 11 the Football Association (FA) calls this “The window of opportunity”.  95% of a child’s neuro development is within these 6 years.  To think we only improve by another 5% after 12 years old is a little scary – so you can see how important these early stages are!