Nursery & Playgroup Sessions

Tiny Tekkers specialise in the EYFS. (Early Years Foundation Stage) 

Our play not push coaching style allows children to unlock their full potential through sport and exercise. The coaches create a fun and exciting environment for the children to learn through role play and stories. At an early age it is crucial for kids to develop their physical and social wellbeing; that's where Tiny Tekkers come in! 

Every session we do works wonders for Agility, Co-ordination and Balance! Sports version of the ABC'S. Our 45 minute sessions will allow the child to engage with other children through sport, encouraging key communication and language skills. Not only do they improve their physical performance and gross motor skills but also the activities encourage decision making and help improve cognitive ability in each person. 

Our sessions are inclusive of all children and no child is left on the bench! You'll be amazed at what a 2 year old can do once given the environment to shine :) 

We work alongside the nursery school teachers who can build up a report for the parents to see how their child is developing. 

If you would like your child to have a head start in life then please contact us immediately! We can cater for all size groups and facility spaces from small to large.